~~ Check to be sure all vents are open and unobstructed

~~Remove old window units in the wintertime and block off the space with a thermal barrier. Window units can let heat escape in the winter and allow cold air to come in. Or better yet, get a central system.

~~Check all doors and windows for drafts. Did you know that even a closed window can cost you money? Your window is litteraly a window to the outside temperature. Simply closing the window will not keep the harsh temperatures outside. Consider covering the window in a thermal plastic. Often a thin layer of clear plastic sealed around the window can make a remarkable change in your energy efficiency.

~~Don't forget your attic fan. Attic fans can help move the air and keep you from having to turn your stems on for longer in the spring and fall. However, once you do turn your system on and turn the attic fan off, that fan is still a window to your attic and the temperatures inside. Seal off the offending draft and watch your energy bills shrink.

~~Lots of trips in and out the door can bring in cold and heat from the outside not to mention the pollen and allergens so previlent in the area. Try to limit your traffic. If you can't limit the traffic, try getting a UV Light for your system. UV Lights can virtually elliminate your inhome allergens. It may not make your home more effiencent but it will make YOU feel more effiencent.

~~~For more energy saving tips, check out the Department of Energy's website. Here you can find energy saving tips to make your home more environmentally friendly and tips for energy savings while away. One of my favorite guides on the website is the Energy Savers guide. You can download a copy of it here!

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